Video Optimization SEO Tips

According to me Video is simply the best way to sell your products and increase brand awareness, it's extremely helpful in communicating with the customers.I Having been in the Internet Marketing business since 2006 and posting videos since 2007 , Today I have posted my 700th video on youtube. Here are some seo tips for video optimization and How to get High views for your videos uploaded at

1. Create unique videos with Fresh Images and original content.

2. Don't create same kind of videos , same theme and same graphics.

3. Create videos related to your product or services but choose the theme very coutiously with updated facts and figures , so that people can use your videos as reference.

4. Always respond to the queries and comments of the viewers.

5. Encourage viewers to write reviews , you can ask them about the quality of the video or your products and services

6. Promotion is the real key , promote your video , add your videos to your blog , website and social media profiles, which will boost brand awareness , link popularity and SEO as a result.

7.  I always recommend to my clients that you should write regularly and must add your video in the article.After that must share your articlet to your Facebook, Twitter , Myspace and other social media networks.

Best ecommerce solutions for Online shopping store Development

Today I would like to share a few best open source eCommerce platforms we are using Now a days to develop ecommerce websites for our Prestegious Clients.

Magento is the most popular and one of the most user friendly eCommerce software used by the ecommerce website development companies , recommended by the ecommece marketing experts or search engine Optimizers. We at seo traffic search always recommend magento.It is basically a  free ecommerce open source platform, Our Magento development packages includes search engine Optimization absolutely free for 1 month. , worth $200.

osCommerce is also an opensource , Userfriendly , seo friendly and  search engine friendly online shopping store management ecommerce software. Oscommerce ecommerce software offers  cheap , affordable and ideale-commerce solution with great features and good online shopping cart functionality that allows online shopping store owners to setup, run, and maintain their ecommerce stores with minimum effort and No limitation.

Opencart is one of the best free opensource ecommerce platform to create unlimited number of product pages ,  categories and you can select from over twenty payment and eight shipping methods from the list. According to us It’s extremely seo friendly ,  user-friendly and searchenginefriendly software for online shopping stores.

ZenCart is extremely Easy to install , customise and easily Managable ecommerce software. It is basically for those who love simple things without tensions. Zencart is loaded with so many features and funtionalities like newsletter manager, discount coupons , gift certificates and other features small business owner can expect. The only minus point is Too many add-ons can spoil the simplicity and convert your store into a cluttered website.

These are the best open source eCommerce platforms we recommend and use to design & develop ecommerce websites at affordable packages with excellent web technical support and assistance 24x7.

SEO tips to Increase Blog Traffic

These days getting web traffic to a blog or website has become an extremely tough job for every website Owner or blogger. All website owners and bloggers needs seo traffic to their website or blog whether you are a professional blogger or blogging just to share your thoughts. Most of the new bloggers write well and their style of writing is extremely enticing but they don’t get seo traffic and then they get disappointed and start thinking of leaving the profession of Blogging. Here I'm going to share some interesting seo tips to increase blog traffic or Unique ways to increase your blog traffic.

High Quality Blog/web Content

High quality , Unique and informative website content is the first and the most important to bring good readers to your blog/Website. These days competition is very high because every company/blogger knows that bad content will lead them No where , Even at Google search engine. My only advice or SEO Tip is “Write for the Readers not for the Major search engines”. Good congtent helps you in viral marketing too , building natural backLinks.

Blog Commenting is the Easiest Way to Earn a Backlink.

Blog Commenting is the easiest seo technique to increase web traffic to your blog. It helps you in getting backlink to your blog or website and it helps a lot in building relations too with the website and Blog Owners.

Forum Posting is the Best SEO Technique for developing Good relations with Other blog and Website Owners.

participating in Forums and instigating discussions on various topics or related to your product and services helps a lot in polishing your skills and developing relations with other blog or website Owners. Through forum posting you can bring targeted seo traffic plus a back-link through placing your signature while posting at Forums.

Social Media to Enhance Traffic.

Social Media Networks Helps in Generating seo traffic. A Facebook Page , a Twitter profile and profiles at the similar social media networks has become necessary. Sharing Links at social media networks gives you instant traffic and feedback , which is also important for you to develop a strategy.

Social Bookmarking to share the Content with the web World.

Social Bookmarking works as an se traffic generator , When we share links at social bookmarking sites like ,,, and etc. We get traffic and a chance to Share content with other professionals from the same profession or field. Number of shares tells about the quality of the content. Yes its true that we search engine optimizers and social media Optimizers have the capability to manipulate the figures but By hook or By crook It help us in bringing the seo traffic.

These are the Free seo tips to Increase Blog Traffic for the High Rankings in Google Search Engine. If anyone of you readers feel that I have forgotten to add Important tips then please feel free to leave that seo / SMO tip as comment. Please Share your Experience in the field of search engine Optimization with us about How to Increase Your Blog Traffic.

Seo Website to Boost Google Ranking

I know that Most of your clients come to know about your business through major search engines and Ranking high in the search engines has become a business necessity. Here I'll try my best to explain you , how to Boost Google Ranking by search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO Tips to Boost Google Ranking

Spiders sent by the search engines crawl the websites , Roam in the web world to search new websites , News Blogs , New Networks , who is linking to which website or Blog and these spiders send back their data to major search engines. Search engines go through that data and rank the website according to their search quality algorithms. As per the all studies and surveys , Results which appear on second page receive 80 % less web traffic gained by the First Page Rankers.

How good is your SEO?

If you really want to know the quality of your seo techniques , type your business name into a Major search engine. If you rank first , It means your seo is on the right gtrack , If not, you need to work Hard.

The next step is to Type Product / services you are offering to the web world ,If you are ranking at first page , You are doing Good Job.If not , Then you need to Hire a Professional seo company to work on your business website to market your product and services. Ranking High through Business Name is Not Good Enough.

Seo Techniques to improve your Google Rankings

Perform a website Audit

You need to make sure that your website is easily findable through search engines and Website development technology or website coding is search engine Friendly. Many web designers / Website designing companies don’t understand SEO and its basic requirements and make websites which look good but fail interms of SEO.

Do some Keyword Research - Choose Relevant Key Phrases not Just key words

You need to Spend a little more time in seo research or in Keywords research or Keyphrases that people can put into search engine to Find the Product and services , Think Like a Customer not Just like a Product manufacturer or services provider. Place researched key words and key phrass as title / or as Headline ; in < / H1> Tags.

Engaging Website Content

By creating engaging and Informative web content at your website means more chance that searchers will share links to your website on social media Networks , blogs and websites.

Social Media Marketing , Networking to Generate Seo Traffic

Now It is an Open secret that Social Media Marketing/Optimization can generate quality web traffic, links and buzz in general. Social media networking n optimization also helps you to find out what client or potential customer think about the services offered by you and quality of your products. Always Set up a Facebook page for your company and business website and don't forget to start using Twitter, Twitter has become a status symbol too.

Google Penguin Update Recovery SEO Tips

Google’s web spam Department Chief fighter Matt Cutts disclosed a few days before about the Penguin Update and Algorithm changes to fight the changes. Google has updated its algorithm only to target the Artificial Link Bulding and websites that are Ranking High in search engines with poor back links and  using Black Hat seo techniques  like keyword stuffing and involved Plagiarism. Website development and seo companies were ignoring the Google's guidelines and Warning.

If your website is Hit by the Penguine or You don't want to get Hit by the Google Penguin Update then Avoid the Following Black Hat and Unethical seo techniques :

  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Cloaking
  • Agressive Internal linking
  • No Anchor Text Diversity
  • Link from Link-Farms
  • Duplicate Contents
  • HiddenTexts
  • Sponsored Links
  • High keyword Density

Need now to Panic and feel staress , If you want to be on the safer side , Just follow the google updates and google search's quality guidelines. If you don't know how to SEO your website ethically , you can Hire Professional seo Company or SEO expert for Penguin safe SEO services. But Here are a few Basic seo tips for website owners

  • User Friendly Navigation
  • Good Website Information Architecture
  • Do take care of Anchor text Diversity , Aggressive Anchor texting can Go against You.
  • Less Outbound Links
  • Quality web Content
  • Always try to Maintain Content Inflow
  • Remove duplicate and poor quality content
  • Never Take Part in Link Schemes
  • Don't Use Unauthorized seo Tools for Keyword Position Queries
  • Say No to Cloaking for the search engines
  • Always Optimized fo Long Tail Keywords or Key Phrases
My only advice to you all readers is , Be Honest , Always Follow Google updates , Google Guidelines , Ethical seo techniques and your creativity to earn links and achieve High search engine Rankings.  one can avoid google penalty and achieve top rank only by Respecting search engines and their Guidelines.

Ecommerce Blogging Tips to Increase Sales

First of all do some keyword research and register an enticing Domain name and create a well designed blog. If you research on ecommerce websites, you will find that many ecommerce websites don't have blogs. That means no regular content is being added to the ecommerce website. That means search engines are not indexing the ecommerce website frequently. Blog has become must for all website to maintain content inflow to invite crawlers for the website crawl.if your ecommerce website or online shopping store  has a blog and your competiter  doesn’t, It means you are one step ahead of your rival.

Ecommerce Website Blog Helps in Increasing Sales  Here are a few ecommerce blogging tips for You :

  • Don't Misuse your blog , don't blog about anything and everything.
  • Avoid topics such as religion, politics and sex.
  •  Write about your Products frequently like benefits , USP of your products and advantages of buying from your online shopping store.
  • Ask for Product Reviews , Feedback and Testimonials
  • Show your Expertese in the Market related to the Product , will help in building trust factor.
  • Educate customers about the Product.
  • Announce Free Gifts and Discounts
  • Respond to customer Asap If He/She contacts you through your Blog , Customer Care services also helps in increasing conversion and converting visit into a Sale.

Last but not the least ecommerce blogging tip is , always Link to your product pages through your blog articles. Internal Linking  or Back links to your own shopping store is one of the easiest seo techniques. Linking to your other ecommerce pages from your business blog is a best way to help your SEO campaign.

Off-page SEO Tips to Increase seo Traffic

Seo has become an Essential process of Website promotion and Internet Marketing. Every Internet Marketing strategy , Website Traffic generation tactic and daily Marketing action to increase website traffic you take needs to support your Long Term searh Engine Promotion Goal. Because we aall know that there is no better way to bring free seo traffic other than Majorr search engines.

Here are a few SEO tips that will can help you for sure in seo traffic generation and generating leads to increase sales and bringing customers.

  1. Always Target Real People
  2. Join Social Media Networks to Market your Products.
  3. Make Linkable Profiles as Much as You can.
  4. Join Professional Networks Like Linkedin
  5. Blogging to Increase seo traffic.
  6. Stop Worrying search engine Rankings build content for the readers and Potential customers
  7. Never Ever Use Negative Words at the time of developing content for example - USE Results instead of Consiquenses.
  8. You articles must be informative , forget about the Keyword Density while Writing Articles.
  9. Submit your Website only in Quality Article Directories.
  10. Always Focus on conversion rate, bounce rate, and Click through Rate (CTR) not Just Page Rank