Google Penguin Update Recovery SEO Tips

Google’s web spam Department Chief fighter Matt Cutts disclosed a few days before about the Penguin Update and Algorithm changes to fight the changes. Google has updated its algorithm only to target the Artificial Link Bulding and websites that are Ranking High in search engines with poor back links and  using Black Hat seo techniques  like keyword stuffing and involved Plagiarism. Website development and seo companies were ignoring the Google's guidelines and Warning.

If your website is Hit by the Penguine or You don't want to get Hit by the Google Penguin Update then Avoid the Following Black Hat and Unethical seo techniques :

  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Cloaking
  • Agressive Internal linking
  • No Anchor Text Diversity
  • Link from Link-Farms
  • Duplicate Contents
  • HiddenTexts
  • Sponsored Links
  • High keyword Density

Need now to Panic and feel staress , If you want to be on the safer side , Just follow the google updates and google search's quality guidelines. If you don't know how to SEO your website ethically , you can Hire Professional seo Company or SEO expert for Penguin safe SEO services. But Here are a few Basic seo tips for website owners

  • User Friendly Navigation
  • Good Website Information Architecture
  • Do take care of Anchor text Diversity , Aggressive Anchor texting can Go against You.
  • Less Outbound Links
  • Quality web Content
  • Always try to Maintain Content Inflow
  • Remove duplicate and poor quality content
  • Never Take Part in Link Schemes
  • Don't Use Unauthorized seo Tools for Keyword Position Queries
  • Say No to Cloaking for the search engines
  • Always Optimized fo Long Tail Keywords or Key Phrases
My only advice to you all readers is , Be Honest , Always Follow Google updates , Google Guidelines , Ethical seo techniques and your creativity to earn links and achieve High search engine Rankings.  one can avoid google penalty and achieve top rank only by Respecting search engines and their Guidelines.

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