Seo Website to Boost Google Ranking

I know that Most of your clients come to know about your business through major search engines and Ranking high in the search engines has become a business necessity. Here I'll try my best to explain you , how to Boost Google Ranking by search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO Tips to Boost Google Ranking

Spiders sent by the search engines crawl the websites , Roam in the web world to search new websites , News Blogs , New Networks , who is linking to which website or Blog and these spiders send back their data to major search engines. Search engines go through that data and rank the website according to their search quality algorithms. As per the all studies and surveys , Results which appear on second page receive 80 % less web traffic gained by the First Page Rankers.

How good is your SEO?

If you really want to know the quality of your seo techniques , type your business name into a Major search engine. If you rank first , It means your seo is on the right gtrack , If not, you need to work Hard.

The next step is to Type Product / services you are offering to the web world ,If you are ranking at first page , You are doing Good Job.If not , Then you need to Hire a Professional seo company to work on your business website to market your product and services. Ranking High through Business Name is Not Good Enough.

Seo Techniques to improve your Google Rankings

Perform a website Audit

You need to make sure that your website is easily findable through search engines and Website development technology or website coding is search engine Friendly. Many web designers / Website designing companies don’t understand SEO and its basic requirements and make websites which look good but fail interms of SEO.

Do some Keyword Research - Choose Relevant Key Phrases not Just key words

You need to Spend a little more time in seo research or in Keywords research or Keyphrases that people can put into search engine to Find the Product and services , Think Like a Customer not Just like a Product manufacturer or services provider. Place researched key words and key phrass as title / or as Headline ; in < / H1> Tags.

Engaging Website Content

By creating engaging and Informative web content at your website means more chance that searchers will share links to your website on social media Networks , blogs and websites.

Social Media Marketing , Networking to Generate Seo Traffic

Now It is an Open secret that Social Media Marketing/Optimization can generate quality web traffic, links and buzz in general. Social media networking n optimization also helps you to find out what client or potential customer think about the services offered by you and quality of your products. Always Set up a Facebook page for your company and business website and don't forget to start using Twitter, Twitter has become a status symbol too.