SEO according to Google Updates

For people whose businesses are dependent majorly on the Internet to churn out revenues the all new Google update, It is one of the most high profile events to have taken place off late. With this three-part update the Google has basically altered majority of the rules. The entire SEO community has gone in for a toss owing to this.

In this latest update, there are some important key areas which have put an impact on the manner how sites rank and the method an SEO professional should adopt to promote his or her site. The important areas which have been influenced with this latest Google updates are:

  1. History of theWebsite
  2. Quality of Backlinks
  3. Content of the site as well as its Information structure
In gist, the manner how everything regarding your website is calculated has altered totally. But in case we pay heed to what all has altered in every area we will quickly understand how to optimize a particular site. We will also realize what Google wants to achieve with this update.

The History of Your Website

The first thing which has been affected is the history of the web pages. The individual pages play an ever more vital role in the site's ranking ability. The longer duration your Website has been available online, your chances for better ranking are more. Additionally, the longer a particular internal page has been live, it will rank better for the additional phrases.

So you actually have to focus on the length of time your domain has been around. If your phrase is less competitive, the pressure on other factors will be more to rank your site highly. History is just one aspect among many. There are some websites that have good history and also have other factors working for them. It will be very tough to outrank such web sites.

Backlinks Watch

Akin to account of the site, there has been rise in importance to the Quality of links to your website. Sites with very old links have become more powerful than sites with new links which did not witness major ground. The link building which you do today will not lead to any major effect on the Google rankings till some months down the line.

Also, the pertinence of links to the site is even now extremely vital however Google's ability to verify relevancy has improved vastly. Pages now no longer have to contain the precise keyword phrases in order to be relevant but can have related phrases. For instance, a link to SEO site from some web design site will be regarded as relevant even if the keywords on that page are not particularly linked to Search engine Optimization.

webSite Content and website Architecture

The optimal keyword density has not altered but has fallen down in value. Sites which have low keyword densities are beginning to come up more frequently for phrases on basis of their links than their real content and on the whole site relevancy.

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