PPC management Services in Delhi , India

SEO traffic search PPC Management services extend your reach to potential customers and buyers of your product by running your pay per click campaign across a publisher's network like gogle adwords , yahoo search and Microsoft adcenter.

SEO traffic search has a dedicated search engine Marketing team of account Managers and PPC experts to run PPC campaigns for clients. They are capable of handling google adwords account to bring relevant traffic, traffic conversions and Return on Investment.

We offer the following suite of  Pay Per Click Management Services :

PPC Keyword Research

We excel at drawing Relevant traffic and potential customers to your site by researching keywords associated with your product and services that can convert into conversions , generate High ROI to make your PPC campaign a resounding success.

PPC Copywriting

A compelling search engine Ad copy is an integral part of your Pay per click campaign. It can either encourage potential customers to buy from you or your competitor. You need effective PPC Ad copy that attracts, informs and converts.

PPC Bid Management

Pay per click auction environments are extremely volatile. Competitors bid aggressively on keywords to maintain their position on paid search engine listings. This results in frequent change in bids for targeted keywords requiring an ongoing PPC Bid Management program. SEO traffic search has the requisite expertise and ppc management professionals to provide you with a complete bid management program.

Pay per click funnel Tracking and Analysis

Your paid search campaign is likely to be placed on more than one PPC search engines. It can be an extremely time-consuming process to track your ROI and keyword performance on a daily basis.Seo Traffic search's Campaign Managers monitor your return on investment and tell you which search engine and keywords are providing Return on Investment.

PPC Campaign Management

We implement proven PPC process to attract fast traffic of potential customers to your website for keywords related to your producct and services. Our search engine marketing professionals also perform distribution and placement analysis for your website. It includes a list of costs for top placement on Google Adwords, Yahoo!

PPC Campaign characterized by Knowledge.

PPC management services requires active monitoring , analysis , deep market research and extensive PPC setup. Our ppc ACCount managers setup your PPC Advertising campaign with all the major PPC search engines and work within the stipulated monthly budget. Ensuring higher ROI and conversions for your campaign.

PPC Campaign Set Up & PPC Packages:

Campaign Set Up:

Initial Campaign Analysis
Extensive Keyword Research
Optimum Bid Management
PPC Copywriting/ Developing Landing Pages
PPC funnel Tracking
Ongoing Reports

Pricing: USD $250 (set up fee) + USD $ 300

PPC Ongoing Campaign Management Services:

Conversion & ROI Tracking and Analysis
Campaign tweaking & modification
Ongoing Reports

Pricing: USD $300

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