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With the internet homing over 55 million blogs, WordPress serves as a great platform to boost your search engine rankings with its SEO Plugins and website Optimization Hacks. As we all know that the first second of a visitors’ attention is the crux to this game. Search engine rankings are primarily dependent on the quality and quantity of links to your blog as they determine the net ranking. These days, a majority of SEO champs make use of WordPress for most of their affiliate sites and personal blogs.

The optimizing process for WordPress setup varies from one site to another. Usually, WordPress themes have a great design and detail structure already. However, there is a gamut of other things that one needs to ponder over in order to enhance it further, leading to a better optimization for search engines.

Wordpress Themes

Although, everyone has their different tastes when it comes to web design and structure, yet simplicity is what is required for a good design of the blog. Besides, the body text should be of readable size, with clear and attractive headings. Your wordpress theme should be unique and should look like a site rather than a blog. One thing should be ensured that the main attention of the readers should be on the text. The text width should not be longer than one and a half alphabet, or possibly shorter than that.

Permalink Structure


Choosing the right format for your Permalinks is highly required. To enable the permalinks, go to Options -> Permalinks in the admin panel. One should stick to structure /%postname%/ as URLs to the articles should be standard. The best part of using WordPress is that if there are two posts with the same title, WordPress will automatically add “-2″ in the end.

Title Tags


Since it is the title tag that serves as an essential on-site factor that assists in describing search engines as what the site or the web page is all about. Post titles would display as “Blog Name >> Post Title by default in the older versions of WordPress, As the homepage is itself ranking for your site name, putting the site name at the start of your title is just redundant. To change title tags, one needs to install SEO plugins available online.



One needs to be highly careful in writing headings. HTML has default settings for headlines i.e. with H1 to H6 . Always title of the article will come in a main heading (H1), while all the sub headings should be with H2 and small headings with H3 and so on. When it comes to headlines, one should take care about the following attributes into consideration.
  • They should be framed as combinations of optimized keywords or phrases.
  • It should come up as a good, yet brief description of the article.
  • The headline should be such that it pushes the reader to read it and clicks on it in the SERPs.
  • Lastly, it should be short and crisp.
In short, the bottom line remains that search engines follow people. Your blog should be designed keeping your visitors and targetted audiances in mind, and not just the search engines!

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